How to prevent your teens from smoking?

Teen smoking has become a significant problem all over the world, and it might seem innocent, but, later can become a severe problem, for kids and parents. If you want to help your teens have a life free of smoking, then check out our tips and recommendations.

Be a good example

teen-refusing-cigaretteIf you are smoking, then how can you forbid your kids to do the same. In this situation, you are not a good role model, and you will lose the authority over them. Many studies have shown that teen smoking is prevalent among the kids whose parents smoke. So, the earlier you stop smoking, the less likely your children will become smokers. If you are a hardcore smoker, then ask for professional help, or don’t smoke in front of them. Talk to your kids and explain to them how unhappy you are because of this habit. In this case, they will see your concern and support you even more in your decision to quit.

Understand the cause

If teens start smoking, then they might be rebelling against something, or it just a way to fit a particular group and make new friends. You should discuss this topic with your kids and ask them what do they feel about smoking and if any of their friends are consuming the cigarettes. The essential thing here is to help your teens understand that smoking is harmful to their health and that they don’t need to support of tobacco to overcome their problems. Television and different advertisements aren’t helping this issue because they are intentional luring the kids and offering the false promises.

Say no to smoking

You might feel that your kids don’t pay a lot of attention to what you are saying, but, tell them clearly that smoking isn’t allowed. Of course, they can always go to a tobacco shop and buy cigarettes without your knowledge, but eventually, you will find out. For teens whose parents set limitations from the beginning tend to smoke less that teens who don’t have restrictions. It is essential to establish some rules in your household, but also the punishments if your kids break them.

Affect your teen’s emotions

From now and then remind your kids that smoking is dirty and smelly and also causes bad breath and wrinkles. Smoking cigarettes can make your clothes and heir smell, but also turn your teeth yellow and affect the appearance of your skin. But, the most crucial thing is that smoking can seriously endanger your health. All these facts should be enough to reject your teens from smoking.

Tell them about the costs

Simply, smoking is expensive and if they aren’t working, how they are going to endure this habit. Help your teens calculate how much money they need on a weekly, monthly and yearly level. You can even compare the costs with some electronic device or a gadget, they can buy, instead of wasting their money on cigarettes.