What Education Songs To Teach Your Child  

Music is an essential part of kids’ development, and it’s an excellent way to learn new and interesting things. A catchy tune which has easy lyrics will leave a great impression on them and make them occupied while learning useful stuff. Nowadays, you have a variety of choice when it comes to songs. You can use many websites such as YouTube and spend a great time with your kid while singing these songs. Your ultimate goal should be improving cognitive skills of your children, and we have a couple of suggestions for you.  

The Solar System Song by Kidstv123 

It is never too early to start learning about space and our planet. This song has a soothing melody and calming effect. The opening line gives us information about the sun and how important it is for our planet.

The Solar System Song

While the rest of the song continues about the planets, giving us interesting facts about them. This is a great way to make your children interested in matters that are happening outside our world.  

Count By 5’s Song by Mr. R’s Songs 

When our kids are younger, we want to teach them some necessary things, and counting is one of the most popular. This song provides a lot of visual effects and makes you want to sing along as you are counting by fives.

Count By 5’s

With the tricks and excellent graphics, your children will master the counting in no time, and you will be pleased with their progress.  

Nouns Rock by School Rocks Videos 

This fantastic song offers you many examples of nouns and helps your children understand what noun is. There are a lot of colorful pictures which are helpful with this learning process.

Nouns Rock

Your kids will learn grammar basics from an early age, and when they reach the school age, you won’t have troubles with them.  

50 States that Rhyme by Raggs 

You would be surprised to know how many can’t count the names of all states in the U.S., but this song teaches your kid to names them all at once. It is funny, and it starts in alphabetical order.