Books Pledge – Savvy Reader Review 

Passionate readers often like to be in touch with other people and exchange their thoughts regarding a certain books or titles they’ve read. You can find many websites online for this purpose and one of the best is the Savvy Reader. Considering that technology has advanced, people have an opportunity to download books and discuss their plot online.

Books Pledge And Mug

They no longer have to attend the book clubs in order to hear other people’s opinion, which is a great way to save some time. So, let’ look at this site and see what feature it’s offering

featured_art_hopefulbooksFirst of all, if you want to attend the online discussions, then you need to register. The procedure is quite easy and it will take you only a couple of minutes to complete this process. Once you are registered, you will have an opportunity to talk to other book lovers and share your opinions and thoughts. Also, the site offers a feature that allows you to access the top reads and see which books are trending at the moment. This option is very handy, especially if you don’t know want to read at the moment. Here you will find honest reviews and see which books match your taste.

Another option this site is offering is a book pledge, which means you can track your previous reads and follow other people and their books on this website. You can also make a promise how many books you will read in 2017 or 2018. This is one of the reasons why this feature is called book pledge. It will keep you motivate and help you achieve your goal, the one you promised. You can also compete with other reads and see who will read the most significant number of books.


This website regularly organizes various types of contests, and the subscribers can participate and win really great books. If you want some free stuff, then don’t hesitate to enter such a competition. This can be a great way to gain some excellent books.

Overall, if you want the website, which will provide you a great time and pleasurable moments while talking to other people, then you should subscribe to Savvy Reader. This is a fantastic opportunity for all people who don’t have a chance to express their opinion about specific books, and it will also help you practice your interaction with other people.