The Advantage Of E-books Vs. Paper Books 

An eBook is a book in electronic format. As the technology has advanced, many people have switched to this type of reading. Nowadays, you can use almost any smart device to read books, smartphones, tablets, computers, and iPads. eBooks offer many benefits and advantages, but some people love paper books, and they don’t want to turn to modern technologies. It has become very convention to purchase and download the book from the web, and you don’t have to go to a library in search for new titles. So, let’s look at the pros of eBooks 

They are available all the time 

As we previously mentioned, eBooks are available 24/7, and you can download them at any moment and start reading right away. There are so many websites and online books stores which offer various titles.


One of the most prominent sites is Amazon which has an extraordinary collection of books, and you can buy them without leaving your home. You don’t have to visit bookstores or libraries, nor wait for a week to be delivered in the mail. Again, it all depends on your preferences, and some people love feeling and smelling the paper in their hands.     

You can always get a bonus  

Many websites in order to attract a large number of customers often provide bonus books, which is not available in regular stores. This adds value to your purchase and offers you an opportunity to enlarge your virtual library. In many cases, eBooks are cheaper, and they don’t waste trees to manufacture paper, which is a great way to preserve the environment, and when you need some information, you can always download the book. This will save you a lot of money and time and still keep you informative.  

eBooks take less space  

With people who have small apartments and houses, eBooks are a perfect option. You don’t need a storage space with them and you don’t have to build customized shelves. eBooks are very convenient, and you can store thousands of them on the computer or your reading device.

Books with e-reader

Amazon has developed a Kindle which has become very popular device for reading books and battery can last for one month. On the other hand, some people enjoy having their personal libraries and having a unique space in their home which they use for reading.  

eBooks are portable 

The-Future-of-Education-Tablets-vs-Textbooks-cyber-technology-newsThis is probably their most significant advantage. You can take them with you and you can carry your entire library in only one device and you don’t have to worry about their weight. They are quite convenient and many people prefer them because of their portability.  

They can be interactive  

When you purchase one eBook, they may contain additional materials, video, audio, and animations. This can be very interesting for younger population and your kids. These types of books will keep them interested and motivated to read boos even more. In this case, you will be getting multiple products for one price.