Five Ways To Improve Working Memory With Your Kids 

Does your child have a hard time keeping the information he learned while he is doing something else? For example, your kid is helping you make dinner and phone rings, does he forget about dinner? Does he often have troubles performing multiple tasks? If that’s the case, then your kid has working memory issues. At the initial stage, this shouldn’t represent some problem, but if your kid continues to experience the same practice, then you have to pay attention and help him boost his working memory.  

Focus on visualization skills  

Talk to your kid and encourage him to create pictures in his mind. For example, if he read some interesting article or some book, or he heard some story, make him visualize objects and people who are participating in such events.

Improve Working Memory

You can ask him to set the table for five people and then suggest him to come up with a mental picture of what meal should look like. You can always provide colors and paper and teach your kids to draw their ideas, instead of describing them.  

Let them explain  

In many cases, kids can teach you many things. You can find out how their brain works and what makes sense in their mind. This can be a useful approach, and it will provide you valuable information on how to proceed further. Many teachers apply the same method with the kids in the classrooms.

They pair children who have different levels of knowledge. This means that kids who are disadvantaged can learn many useful things and in a natural way, without pressure, and through friendship.  

Suggest some games 

There are many games available on the market which can help you improve the working memory with your children. Just browse the web, you can use online recourses, but you can also use some simple exercises from everyday life. For example, you can take newspapers and ask your kid to circle all exciting words he finds in one article.

Working Memory

Or, while driving them to school, you can turn license plates into the game and ask your kids to say them backward. This will help them practice spelling, but also improve their cognitive skills. If you have some other games on your mind, you can implement them into this routine. Make sure to practice with them every day.  

Encourage reading  

There is a reason why highlighters and sticky notes are very popular, and many kids love them. If your kids aren’t fond of reading, this will definitely interest them.

Siblings browsing a digital tablet

If you provide them with some interesting books and articles, ask them to discuss the main point with you. Encourage them to openly speak about your ideas and ask the questions about reading materials.  

Establish connection with your kids 

This is probably the most critical step because you need to build the trust with your kids. They need to able to confined to you and tell you about their problems. If you manage to develop a connection with them, then improving a working memory will be more comfortable.